19 December, 2009

Architecture Portfolio

I just officially put my architecture portfolio on my website: http://www.waqasjawaid.com/. It's the first time I have put any architecture online for public viewing. This is the portfolio I have submitted as part of my applications to graduate schools in the United States. It is a small 5.5"x6.88" book.

I have had many people tell me that the portfolio is too lengthy for grad school applications. I have taken that comment very seriously and what you see here is a much condensed version of what I started off with. If they don't like it, they won't offer me admission, and that is fine. I suppose in the end it is as much a test of the graduate school as it is mine. But I'm hopeful... and excited.

Fall classes just ended yesterday, and I am traveling to Paris on Monday.

25 November, 2009


I'm super-excited because we recently started Princeton's undergraduate Architecture magazine, called ISOMETRIC. More on this later (maybe).

Architects Use Books

As you can see, here I am using the books on my desk to hold a small foamcore model in place till the glue dries.

22 November, 2009

Bronson Visits Princeton

...and we hang out at the E-Quad sculpture after having lunch at Tomo Sushi.


I visited the Architecture schools at Columbia, MIT and Harvard during fall break. I thought MIT was interesting, but the irony is: (a) I won't get in and that'll be sad; and (b) if I get in, I'll begin to realize fully how imperfect these schools are. In a weird way, it makes me wonder what I am doing at Princeton, on the other side of that formidable undergraduate admissions process.

Visiting the Site for Ron's Studio Project

Phone Pictures of Princeton in Its Fall Glory

Dawn, from my window

McCosh Hall, right across from the Architecture Building

Venturi's Wu Hall against stadium lights in the distance

View from Architecture Building
Nassau Hall
Gehry's Lewis Library
I.M.Pei's Spellman Hall

24 October, 2009

Architecture Studio Space

Fall Rain

I have started taking pictures using my new phone, and it reminds me of the summer, when I would always be on the lookout for interesting compositions or colors or lighting. It is also a way to record lasts in a place I have called home for three and a half years now. Unfortunately, the images are not very high-quality.