27 December, 2007

Delirious New York

In other news: I went to New York with Hannie, Angela, Colleen and Angelica. We went to Central Park for ice skating, which was as fun in the end as it was impossible at first. As always, the lights and crowds in New York swept me away, and it was only Hannie's presence that prevented me from spending too much money.
Twelve days before elections in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, daughter of the greatest democratic leader we have seen, first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan, a significant part of Pakistani politics, has been assassinated near Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. She wasn't the most amazing Prime Minister but her death is a huge loss to the country, especially because it represents the end of what she represents and the rise of Islamic extremism.

25 December, 2007

Khamosh Paani

This is one of a few amazing movies I have watched in these lazy winter days at Princeton, days which start at 2pm, consist of 2 hours of sunlight and stretch on till 4.30am. My sister Hannie is visiting from Mount Holyoke College. We got groceries and she cooked Pakistani food:)

Hina is applying to colleges and I have written a peer recommendation for her. I really hope she gets into some good colleges in the US.

So anyway, Khamosh Paani or "Silent Waters" is a movie every Pakistani should watch. It's an interesting window into the Pakistan we never got to know, the Pakistan before Zia-ul-Haq's regime brought extremism to our country. The beautifully tragic story... I will not ruin for you. For a more detailed review, go here.

21 December, 2007


I watched this movie in Sohaib's room last night and I loved it. If you liked Moulin Rouge and Lord of the Rings you will enjoy this a lot! If you are down and need some magic in your life this is the movie to watch!

20 December, 2007

It has been several orange key tours, many nights of reading and French homework, countless problem sets, a birthday, a few Boston Legal episodes, an SVC Communicator, a front page feature on the Daily Princetonian, a handful of difficult decisions and new ventures, some new friendships and personal relationships, and a lot more since I last wrote here. It must be a pretty boring blog indeed! My life must seem quite banal. Well, it isn't.