25 December, 2007

Khamosh Paani

This is one of a few amazing movies I have watched in these lazy winter days at Princeton, days which start at 2pm, consist of 2 hours of sunlight and stretch on till 4.30am. My sister Hannie is visiting from Mount Holyoke College. We got groceries and she cooked Pakistani food:)

Hina is applying to colleges and I have written a peer recommendation for her. I really hope she gets into some good colleges in the US.

So anyway, Khamosh Paani or "Silent Waters" is a movie every Pakistani should watch. It's an interesting window into the Pakistan we never got to know, the Pakistan before Zia-ul-Haq's regime brought extremism to our country. The beautifully tragic story... I will not ruin for you. For a more detailed review, go here.

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