15 January, 2008

Angela Bardes

is best friend, confidante, accomplice at Princeton. She applied to be a Residential College Adviser and I wrote a recommendation for her:

I have known Angela since the first day of freshman year. We are good friends and I am writing this to highlight Angela’s qualities that will make her an ideal Residential College Adviser.

Angela has a great sense of humor. Cheerful and positive, she immediately wins people over and brightens up their day. Within moments she gets a conversation going with complete strangers, and has them laughing. This ability to form personal connections distinguishes her. At the same time she is very careful not to hurt or alienate anyone – she holds a genuine concern for her friends and acquaintances. This respect and appreciation makes her a good team player.

Angela is a good listener, and is kind and understanding, but also conscientious and direct. She will remember people’s names, their concerns, dreams, hopes and ambitions. She is that selfless Princeton student who takes the time out to talk at length with friends who need her. For instance, when her roommate faced health concerns in freshman year, Angela remained devoted and committed to see her through that rough time. Still Angela’s relationship with friends does not impede her good judgment; she is not someone who will be swayed by peer pressure. When it comes to alcohol she stands out as responsible and aware. In fact, late at night on the Prospect Avenue, she will be the one to remind people of boundaries they should not cross, and help them set right their priorities. In situations of conflict, she focuses on the concern at stake, without personally offending anyone. This makes her an ideal mediator in such a situation, or when it comes to seeing that university ideals are upheld by all.

Angela is great at managing time; I have never seen her staying up late to finish homework or to complete readings. Her awareness for university events, dates, deadlines, courses, professors, and resources is extraordinary. How to apply for a Creative Writing course, how to satisfy the ST requirement, how to get on the Daily Princetonian team, what the deadlines are… she has it all at her fingertips. Many times she has been the one to help me clarify my goals and make informed choices at Princeton. For instance when I was deciding whether or no to study abroad she was there to discuss the pros and cons in a very impartial way, and helped me make the right decision. As an RCA she would be a great resource to help focus and put things in perspective, when her advisees are bombarded with information about all the amazing things that Princeton has to offer.

Angela is open to diverse points of view and backgrounds. She makes a real effort to learn about other cultures, to support and attend events focused on marginalized groups, and to play her role in creating the brilliantly diverse community that Princeton is. Conversely she has long been the liaison between me and American norms and culture – ever there to tell me that “Sick!” is a complement and that the answer to “what’s up” is “what’s up.” [part missing] She is modest and caring; someone who I know would go out of her way to meet, and go beyond, all the expectations of her as an RCA!

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Angela said...

you are my best friend, too, and i would do anything in the world for you.