29 September, 2009

What will you miss most about Princeton, Claudia, one of Michaela's zees, asked me today at dinner. The Forbes Dining hall is an amazing place because you meet so many people; you go there to have a quick meal and exit an hour later having had dessert, ice cream and coffee.

I will miss most the people here. In a sense I have already left Princeton. It happened when the people I was close to graduated, and now I sometimes feel like a stranger here. But it's also new and exciting in a different way.

I will also miss the fact that Princeton makes you feel like you're the center of the world, with so many resources at your fingertips - so many opportunities. And soon I'll be thrust out into the real world.

That is why I am so eager to get into graduate school. The other reason is that I love architecture and I want to be an architect.

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